Advantages of Physical Dispensing


In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, medical clinics are continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance both patient care and profitability. While many solutions require significant investments in staffing, equipment, or expanding the patient base, LUXCORE MD’s in-office dispensing model offers a streamlined and effective approach.

Substantial Revenue and Profit Growth

Clinics that have integrated LUXCORE MD’s in-office dispensing have witnessed an impressive surge in their financial metrics. Specifically, they’ve achieved

Fresh Revenue AvenuesLUXCORE MD’s in-office dispensing model aids clinics in driving revenue and profit margins up to 60%. This doesn’t demand additional resources—no new hires, extra equipment, or increased patient inflow. This also results in higher patient contentment, better outcomes, fewer dropouts, enhanced reviews, and a surge in patient referrals.

EfficiencyThe beauty of LUXCORE MD’s approach is its simplicity. The clinics do not have to deal with the logistical challenges of hiring additional staff or procuring new equipment. It’s a seamless integration that yields substantial growth.

Amplified Patient Satisfaction and Better Outcomes

Beyond the immediate financial perks, there’s a ripple effect on patient satisfaction

ConveniencePatients appreciate the one-stop solution that in-office dispensing offers. No need to make an additional trip to a pharmacy or wait for medications. This immediate access often translates into better medication adherence.

Personalized CareDispensing medications in-office ensures that there’s a direct line of communication between the doctor and the patient, ensuring that medication regimens are understood and followed correctly.

Boosted Clinic Reputation and Patient Loyalty

A satisfied patient is the best brand ambassador a clinic can have

Reduced ChurnBeyond the immediate financial perks, there’s a ripple effect on patient sat Happy patients stay. With improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, clinics witness a notable reduction in patient churn. Amplifying patient contentment, patients express greater satisfaction with LUXCORE MD. Beyond superior health outcomes, the ease of in-office dispensing is a boon, especially for the elderly, injured, or those with mobility constraints, eliminating the need for another pharmacy visit. is faction

Enhanced Online Reviews  A positive medical experience often prompts patients to leave glowing reviews, which in turn draws in new patients.

Elevated Patient CareWith roughly 40% of prescriptions either not filled or wrongly followed, this poses threats to recovery, enhances risks, and sometimes, even leads to hospitalization. Dispensing directly at the point of care boosts compliance, hence guaranteeing better results and amplifying positive feedback.

Increased ReferralsWord of mouth remains a powerful marketing tool. A patient who has benefited from the convenience and care of in-office dispensing is more likely to refer others.

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Clinic Operations, Streamlined

With LUXCORE MD, a prescription is ready within a mere two minutes. This bypasses the need to locate a patient’s pharmacy, send prescriptions, or handle verification calls. With LUXCORE MD, a prescription is ready within a mere two minutes, revolutionizing the traditional healthcare workflow. This innovative system eliminates the cumbersome steps involved in prescription processing, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both healthcare providers and patients. LUXCORE MD’s automated system reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual prescription processing. This not only ensures the accuracy of medication details but also enhances compliance with regulatory standards, contributing to a safer and more reliable healthcare environment.

Setup is A Breeze

Pain, ortho, and spine clinics find this model apt, as many of their medications aren’t insurance-covered. LUXCORE MD’s competitive pricing, coupled with an appropriate markup, ensures profit without compromising on patient convenience.

Pain, orthopedic, and spine clinics frequently prescribe medications that fall outside the scope of conventional insurance coverage. LuxCore MD recognizes this niche and tailors its model to accommodate these specialized pharmaceuticals, acknowledging the specific needs of patients seeking care in these clinics. LUXCORE MD adopts a competitive pricing strategy, offering medications at rates that are both reasonable and competitive within the market. This approach not only makes these essential medications more accessible to patients but also positions the clinic as a cost-effective and patient-centric healthcare provider. 

Utmost Confidentiality

With the discreetness physician dispensing offers, patients don’t have the fear of being overheard in public pharmacies.

Physician dispensing introduces a level of discretion that significantly enhances the patient’s experience, addressing a common concern associated with traditional public pharmacies. The discreetness offered by physician dispensing plays a crucial role in mitigating the fear of being overheard, providing patients with a more private and confidential healthcare encounter. 

Broad Spectrum Medication Formulary

LUXCORE MD boasts an extensive list of FDA-approved medications, both branded and generic. Don’t see a specific medication? It’s likely we can arrange it for you.

LUXCORE MD’s takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of FDA-approved medications, encompassing both branded and generic options. The commitment to providing an extensive list demonstrates a dedication to meeting the diverse healthcare needs of patients. The assurance that the company can arrange medications not currently listed adds an extra layer of flexibility, ensuring that healthcare providers and their patients have access to the most suitable pharmaceutical solutions. 

Best Prices in the Market

By sourcing from various suppliers, LUXCORE MD brings you unbeatable prices. So competitive that your patients might prefer purchasing from you directly.

LUXCORE MD stands out in the healthcare landscape by leveraging a diverse network of suppliers, ultimately offering unbeatable prices for medications. The strategic sourcing approach not only ensures cost-effectiveness for healthcare providers but also opens up the possibility of patients choosing to purchase their medications directly from the clinic, a testament to the unparalleled value proposition. 

Renowned Medication Providers

Our commitment? Premium quality. Collaborating with only the best U.S.-based, FDA and DEA compliant facilities, we maintain high standards.

LUXCORE MD sets a high standard for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry by emphasizing its unwavering commitment to premium quality. This commitment is reinforced through strategic collaborations with top-tier U.S.-based facilities that adhere to the stringent regulatory guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The result is a robust and reliable supply chain that prioritizes the safety, efficacy, and integrity of the medications provided. 


Hassle-free PDMP Reporting

Our user-friendly software diligently monitors the dispensing of controlled substances, ensuring it aligns with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMPs).

LUXCORE MD’s software prioritizes a user-friendly interface, ensuring that healthcare providers can easily navigate and utilize the system. This design consideration enhances the overall user experience, allowing for efficient and effective monitoring of controlled substance dispensing. We have proactive integration with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) as a crucial feature. This integration allows healthcare providers to access real-time data from state and federal databases, ensuring that dispensing aligns with the latest information on patient medication history and controlled substance usage. 

Real-time Inventory Checks

Our software meticulously tracks medication inventory, updating after every dispense. It ensures you’re administering the correct, unexpired medication every single time.

LUXCORE MD’s commitment to meticulous medication inventory management through its advanced software system is a cornerstone of its dedication to patient safety and operational excellence. This sophisticated software plays a crucial role in maintaining accuracy and preventing errors in the administration of medications by continuously tracking inventory and promptly updating records after each dispense. This not only enhances patient care but also instills confidence in healthcare providers that they are consistently administering the correct, unexpired medications 

Peerless Customer Support

Our in-house team is ever-ready, ensuring your issues are resolved quickly. Plus, with our medical clinic-experienced account managers, we resonate with your needs.

LUXCORE MD distinguishes itself by prioritizing customer support through an ever-ready in-house team. This team is dedicated to swiftly resolving any issues that may arise, ensuring a seamless experience for healthcare providers. Additionally, LuxCore MD goes a step further by employing account managers with direct experience in medical clinics. This unique approach ensures a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by healthcare providers, allowing for a more resonant and tailored level of support. 

Flexible Payment Modes

From major credit cards to checks, we offer standard 30-day billing terms.

LUXCORE MD prioritizes convenience and flexibility in its payment options by providing a range of choices for healthcare providers. The company ensures that the financial aspect of acquiring medications and services is seamless, offering multiple payment methods, including major credit cards and checks, coupled with a standard 30-day billing term. This approach aims to accommodate the diverse preferences and financial structures of healthcare providers, facilitating a smooth and efficient transaction process. 

Swift Shipping

Our logistics prowess ensures most orders reach you in a maximum of 2-3 business days.

LUXCORE MD takes pride in its robust logistics capabilities, promising a swift and efficient delivery process for healthcare providers. The commitment to ensuring that most orders reach their destination within a maximum of 2-3 business days underscores the company’s dedication to timely and reliable service. 

Digital Ordering Simplified

Our online portal ensures you can order from any device. Efficient shipping and real-time inventory checks ensure seamless operations.

LUXCORE MD prioritizes convenience and efficiency for healthcare providers through its online portal, designed to facilitate easy ordering from any device. The company’s commitment to seamless operations is reinforced by efficient shipping processes and real-time inventory checks, ensuring that healthcare providers can access the medications they need promptly and with minimal disruptions 

LUXCORE MD is not merely a tool for in-office dispensing

It’s a comprehensive solution that can transform the operational efficiency and profitability of a clinic. By focusing on both the clinic’s financial health and patient satisfaction, LUXCORE MD paves the way for a sustainable and prosperous future in healthcare. As clinics adapt to the ever-evolving medical landscape, solutions like LUXCORE MD ensure they remain at the forefront of patient care and profitability.