Our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by delivering cutting edge medical solutions that empower individuals to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We are committed to harnessing the power of advanced technology and scientific innovation to enhance patient outcomes. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, collaboration with healthcare professionals, and dedication to patient-centric care, we aim to set new standards of quality, efficacy, and accessibility in the field of medicine. At LUXCORE MD, we are driven by our passion for innovation, compassion for patients, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on global healthcare.

Why is LUXCORE MD the Ultimate Choice for Medication Dispensing Solutions?

LUXCORE MD isn’t just a service it’s an experience

Here’s why

Unmatched Flexibility

Whether you’re a quaint clinic in the suburbs or a sprawling multi-specialty hospital in the city, LUXCORE MD scales to meet your exact needs. Our software seamlessly integrates into varied healthcare environments, ensuring smooth operations regardless of size..

Transparency that Resonates

We disdain hidden costs. When you join the LUXCORE MD family, you get crystal clear financial dealings. You’re not just getting a service; you’re entering a partnership built on trust and honesty.

Innovative Support System

Say goodbye to automated voice prompts and say hello to our team of dedicated human support specialists. From software glitches to simple queries, we’re here to assist, guide, and reassure.

Tailor-Made Solutions

At LUXCORE MD, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. We dive deep into understanding your clinic’s essence, crafting a unique dispensing solution that reflects your ethos.

Swift and Smooth Transition

We respect time. Yours and ours. That’s why we promise to get you onboarded with finesse and speed, often in just a business day.

Behind the Scenes

How LUXCORE MD Makes Cost-Effectiveness an Art

With LUXCORE MD, being cost-effective doesn’t mean cutting corners. It means smart, innovative solutions. We blend cutting-edge technology with streamlined processes, ensuring you get premium services without a hefty price tag. No surprises, no hidden cost just pure, transparent dealings.

LUXCORE MD’s Exquisite Order Experience

Imagine this: a serene afternoon at your clinic, and you need to replenish your medication stock. With LUXCORE MD, it’s as poetic as sipping a cup of tea. Our intuitive interface makes ordering a breeze, and for those who prefer a human touch, our team awaits your call or email, eager to assist.

Navigating the Tapestry of Compliance with LUXCORE MD

The world of regulations can seem like a dense forest. But with LUXCORE MD as your guide, every path is clear. Our compliance maestros keep their fingers on the pulse of every regulation change, ensuring your clinic dances gracefully through the maze of state and federal laws.

A Symphony of Medications

LUXCORE MD boasts a diverse palette of medications, ensuring your patients always get what they need. While we provide a rainbow of choices, we also guide you through the subtleties of state regulations, ensuring your dispensing remains harmonious and compliant.

LUXCORE MD’s Post-Setup Serenade

Our relationship doesn’t end once you’re set up. Think of us as loyal friends, always by your side, always eager to help. Whether it’s a technical hiccup or a midnight query, our support team sings a soothing serenade of solutions, ensuring your peace of mind.


LUXCORE MD offers specialized software that allows doctors and medical practitioners to directly dispense medications to patients from their offices. This contrasts with the traditional model where doctors write prescriptions that patients then fill at a local pharmacy. As healthcare technologies advance, the adoption of such software has brought transformative advantages to the healthcare sector

Physician Dispensing Software

Benefits of Our Dispensing Software

Our Software 

In essence, LUXCORE MD software is a system that integrates into a doctor’s practice to facilitate the in-house dispensing of pre-packaged medications. It provides features like medication inventory management, prescription tracking, billing capabilities, and regulatory compliance checks. 

Convenience for Patients 

One-stop solutionPatients receive their medications directly after a consultation without the need to make an additional trip to the pharmacy. 

Reduces waiting time:Instead of waiting in lines at the pharmacy, patients can quickly receive medications on the spot.

Improved Medication Adherence 

Immediate accessTo medications means that patients are more likely to start their treatment promptly. 

The direct interaction Between doctor and patient during dispensing provides an opportunity for the doctor to reinforce the importance of adherence to medication regimens. 

Enhanced Patient Safety  

Reduced prescription errorsThe software can have in-built checks to verify dosages and identify potential drug interactions.

Personalized consultationDirect dispensing allows doctors to offer more tailored advice on medication usage and potential side effects. 

Streamlined Operations

Centralized system Manage patient profiles, medication inventory, and billing all in one place.

Real-time updates As medications are dispensed, inventory is automatically updated, aiding in restocking decisions. 

Financial Benefits for Practices 

Additional revenue streamPhysicians can generate revenue from dispensing, sometimes at higher margins than traditional pharmacy models.

Savings on prescription pad costs and other associated materials. 

Enhanced Patient Trust 

As patients receive medication directly from their trusted doctor, it can foster a deeper sense of trust and confidence in their care. 

Regulatory Compliance  

Built-in features can ensure that the dispensing process adheres to state and federal regulations, reducing the risk of inadvertent non-compliance. 

Considerations for implementation

The comprehensive features of physician dispensing software extend well beyond the mere act of dispensing medication. They touch upon every aspect of medication management within a practice, from ordering to record-keeping. By leveraging these tools, medical practices can not only improve operational efficiency but also enhance patient care and safety. 

While there are many benefits, it’s essential to approach physician dispensing with careful planning

LUXCORE MD does this by 


LUXCORE MD provides in-depth knowledge on which states allow physicians to dispense, so practitioners are well informed and regulated to ensure they operate within the confines of the law. 


Both doctors and staff are trained and managed by LUXCORE MD to be able to use the software efficiently and to understand best practices in dispensing. 

Patient Education

LUXCORE MD offers detailed education on the medication on hand to patients about this new offering, highlighting the convenience and safety benefits, which are also printed out for the patients convinces and education.

Stock Management

LUXCORE MD provides a detailed list of medications that caters to your patients’ most common needs. Avoiding overstocking or stocking rarely prescribed drugs.  

Additional Details on Physician Dispensing Software Capabilities


Comprehensive AnalyticsPhysician dispensing software typically includes analytics tools that provide insights into medication dispensing trends, patient adherence rates, and revenue generated.

Customizable ReportsUsers can tailor reports to their needs, be it for daily operations, monthly summaries, or annual reviews.

Regulatory ReportingThe software often has built-in templates for mandatory state or federal reports, ensuring that physicians remain compliant with regulatory standards.

Alerts and Notifications Automated alerts can be set up to notify physicians about potential drug interactions, medication recalls, or any other critical information.


Real-time MonitoringAs medications are dispensed, the inventory is automatically updated, ensuring accurate stock counts at all times.

Threshold AlertsSet minimum stock levels for each medication. When stock falls below this threshold, the software can send alerts, ensuring timely reorders and preventing stock-outs.

Expiration TrackingMonitor the expiry dates of medications in stock. The system can generate alerts for medications nearing their expiration, thus ensuring quality control.

Barcoding and ScanningSome systems come with barcode scanning capabilities, allowing for quicker stock updates and easier dispensing processes.


Direct Integration with WholesalersMany dispensing software systems offer direct integrations with pharmaceutical wholesalers, streamlining the ordering process.

Automatic ReorderingSet the software to automatically place orders when stock levels reach a preset minimum, ensuring uninterrupted availability of essential medications.

Order HistoryTrack all orders placed, received, and any discrepancies, which aids in reconciliation and accounting.

Bulk OrderingFor larger practices or those with multiple locations, the software can consolidate medication needs and place bulk orders, often leading to better pricing or discounts.


Patient Medication HistoryThe software can maintain a comprehensive record of all medications dispensed to a patient, aiding in tracking adherence and potential drug interactions.

Secure StoragePatient records and medication histories are stored securely with encryption and backup options to prevent data loss or breaches.

Search and FilterQuickly retrieve records using various filters such as patient name, medication name, date dispensed, among others.

Audit TrailsFor accountability, the software keeps logs of all actions taken within the system. This feature is crucial for practices that need to demonstrate compliance during audits or inspections.

LUXCORE MD’s software offers a paradigm shift in how patients receive their medications. By centralizing the process, both doctors and patients stand to benefit from increased convenience, safety, and efficiency. As with any healthcare innovation, the key to success lies in careful implementation, ensuring both regulatory compliance and the highest standard of patient care. 


As a 3rd Party Logistics Licensee, accredited by NABPA, LUXCORE MD is committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance across all 50 states. Our dedication to this principle is not just a matter of meeting industry standards; it is a core aspect of our mission to provide safe, efficient, and reliable services.

Your Assurance in Medication Dispensing

The Seal of Trust

Being licensed isn’t just about compliance; it’s a mark of assurance. When you work with LUXCORE MD, you’re collaborating with a partner that upholds the highest industry standards and practices.

Widening Patient Benefits

Being licensed to dispense medications across various states amplifies the reach of our services. This ensures that a larger population can reap the benefits of in-clinic medication dispensing, streamlining the process for both the provider and the patient.

Centralized Sourcing

Through licensing, LUXCORE MD allows you to bypass the complexity of multiple vendors. Order from a singular, vetted, and governmentally monitored source, ensuring consistency in quality and service.

Elevating Patient

When patients know that their medications come from a licensed source, their confidence and trust in the treatment amplifies. This, in turn, can improve adherence to treatment regimens and foster better patient outcomes.

Robust Regulation

We’re not just any wholesaler; we are a 3PL wholesaler. This means our operations are frequently reviewed and audited by both federal and state agencies. Such inspections ensure that we always adhere to stringent requirements, from storage conditions to inventory management.

Elevating Patient Confidence

When patients know that their medications come from a licensed source, their confidence and trust in the treatment amplifies. This, in turn, can improve adherence to treatment regimens and foster better patient outcomes.


Our license is more than just a regulatory stamp. It’s our commitment to you, and the patients you serve, ensuring quality, consistency, and reliability in every pill and potion dispensed. Choose licensed, choose excellence, choose LUXCORE MD.

“I can’t recommend LUXCORE MD enough. As a patient, I appreciate the convenience it offers. Accessing my medications during my clinic visit has made my life easier. I feel more engaged in managing my well being.”

Aaron D

“LUXCORE MD has become a trusted partner with our clinic, and has allowed for growing additional revenue source we didn’t think possible.”

Sam A

“I have been coming to LUXCORE MD for many years and I highly recommend them for all your solution needs. Their service is A+”

Dr. Ben Lee